Big Blue Morning: Heat wave coming

The forecast for Super Bowl Sunday in New Jersey is now a high temperature of 43 degrees, a zero percent chance of precipitation and 7-mph winds. So, pretty much as perfect a day as you could hope for if you were ever to make the inane decision to have the Super Bowl in an outdoor stadium in New Jersey. Good for Roger Goodell and John Mara. It's about time those guys caught a break, right?

In all seriousness, no one has been rooting for a weather disaster here, and it's good that signs point to the positive for a game that has a chance to be one for the ages. He's admittedly biased, but New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning sounds glad that his brother won't have to worry about weather conditions affecting his and the Denver Broncos' chances of winning the game.

In other Giants-ish news, Justin Tuck obviously sides with Michael Strahan in the Strahan-Warren Sapp beef and hopes his mentor gets that Hall of Fame call this Saturday.

This was overnight Tuesday, but it was good from Lyle Crouse, who talked to former Giant Sam Garnes about his memories of losing a Super Bowl game. Garnes is now an assistant coach with the Broncos, hoping a win Sunday can ease that memory.

And from the files of the bizarre, Plaxico Burress tells Jordan Raanan that he advised Hakeem Nicks this past season, which could explain a lot, actually.