Giants roster preview: Quarterbacks

Each day this week, and then in the week of July 14, we will take a look at one position group and how it looks for the New York Giants as they head into training camp. Today, we start with the quarterbacks.

Starter: Eli Manning

Backups: Ryan Nassib, Curtis Painter

Giants likely to keep: 2

The contest here is for the backup spot. Nassib, the 2013 fourth-round pick, worked as the No. 2 in minicamp, likely because they already know what Painter is and Nassib needs to get reps in order for them to figure out whether he's ready to ascend to the backup role. The Giants would like Nassib to win the job, because if he doesn't, they'll end up either having to cut bait with one of last year's draft picks or have to carry three quarterbacks again as they did last year. There is a school of thought that Nassib is better suited to the West Coast-style of offense the Giants will play this year than the offense in which they operated last year and for the nine years before that. But Nassib hasn't even suited up for an NFL game. So before making him the Week 1 backup, the Giants are going to have to either see something impressive from him in preseason games or be prepared to take a major leap of faith.

As for Manning, he's nothing short of the key to the whole team. The Giants were non-contenders last year as Manning suffered through the worst season of his career, leading the league with his career-high 27 interceptions amid an offensive line meltdown and other offensive calamities. His offseason ankle surgery appears to have been a minor hiccup and didn't cost him much if any spring practice time. So at this point, it's all about results. Manning's ability to master the new offense under coordinator Ben McAdoo and deliver a much higher level of on-field performance than he did in 2013 will go a long way toward determining whether the Giants can be legitimate contenders for a playoff spot in 2014.