Saturday Mailbag: Would Giants take a look at Junior Galette?

Thank you for your Twitter questions, which you helpfully tagged #nygmail so I could find them. Way cool.

@DanGrazianoESPN: These questions started within minutes after news broke Friday that the Saints had released pass-rusher Junior Galette, who had 22 sacks for them over the past two seasons and will cost them more than $17 million against the cap over the next two years even though he won't be playing for them. This happens all the time -- a player whose name is well-known gets released and fans of other teams immediately wonder whether he'd fit. But very rarely do said fans stop to consider why the player was released in the first place. While the Giants are in need of pass-rush help with the uncertainty surrounding Jason Pierre-Paul, Galette is a player with a lot of issues who may yet be suspended for off-field behavior and is known to be a disruptive locker room force. I don't see how that's worth the Giants taking on. I'd be surprised if Galette found a home anywhere until the matter of that video that might or might not show him hitting a woman gets cleared up and the league decides whether to take action against him. I'd be even more surprised if that home were in East Rutherford, where the Giants need help but don't need everything Galette brings with him. @DanGrazianoESPN: There's still way too much uncertainty around Pierre-Paul, who lost his right index finger in a fireworks accident July 4, to make any sound predictions about the immediate or long-term future. That said, I don't see too many avenues that lead to Pierre-Paul playing for the Giants in 2016. If he comes back and plays great, he's going to want to get paid like a top pass-rusher. The Giants weren't willing to make a long-term commitment to him this year because they didn't think he was reliable, and the July 4 incident and his refusal to meet with the team's medical staff since haven't helped their opinion on that. And if he plays poorly and/or misses a bunch of games, the Giants are likely to move on and seek another, more dependable building block for their pass rush. I guess if he were to miss the entire season, it's possible the Giants could bring him back on a low-dollar, make-good deal if he had no other options. But it doesn't sound as though he expects to miss the entire year, so my sense is that they'll end up moving on after 2015 one way or the other. Again, lots of variables here that could swing the whole thing in a number of different directions, but this is the sense I have at this point. Thanks for the questions. We'll do a couple more tomorrow.