Watch out, Cam! Eli Manning jokes he's been working on a touchdown dance

Will Eli Manning shock the NFL world and bust a move in the end zone on Sunday? Elsa/Getty Images

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. –- Cam Newton and Eli Manning are polar opposites when it comes to touchdown celebrations.

Newton is practically a trend-setter in this department. Meanwhile, Manning's teammates wonder if he even knows what the "dab” is.

But perhaps he does. The New York Giants quarterback gave a glimpse of his dry sense of humor on Wednesday and cracked that he has been working on his own touchdown dance routine.

“I haven't polished it up yet,” Manning deadpanned when asked if he has a touchdown celebration. “It's got more work to do. It has been in progress for 12 years. Still a little rusty. Haven't fine-tuned it quite yet.

“Just when it's ready, I'll break it out. A lot of time [spent working on it] in the offseason and Tuesdays doing it, but it doesn't feel right yet."

This Sunday, Manning and Newton square off when the undefeated Carolina Panthers visit the Giants. Seeing Manning bust a move in the end zone on Sunday would be almost like witnessing Halley’s Comet go by. Manning has rushed for five touchdowns in his 12-year career.

The more mobile Newton has rushed for seven touchdowns this season and 40 in his five-year NFL career.

Manning likes to leave the touchdown dancing to his teammates, such as Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz and Brandon Jacobs –- current and former teammates who have had their own signature moves.

"We have guys who celebrate when they score touchdowns," Manning said. "I am fine with it. You get in the end zone, you can celebrate, don't get a penalty, it's all good by me. It's not my style. But I'm not against it."

Defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins said the team would get a huge kick out of seeing Manning do his best Cam impression.

"I don't think I'll ever see Eli dabbin," Jenkins said with a chuckle. "If Eli dabbed, they might flag him for celebrating. I don't even know if he knows what it is."