Here's what's left of the Giants' playoff chances

If we can take a break from the matter of Odell Beckham Jr. for a minute, I'm sure there are many New York Giants fans out there who want to know what the team's playoff chances are in the wake of Sunday's loss to Carolina.

Or maybe you'd rather not know.

It's pretty simple at this point. The only way the Giants can make the playoffs is to win their final two games while Washington loses its final two. Any outcome outside of those, and the Giants miss the playoffs for the fourth year in a row.

If the Giants beat Minnesota on Sunday night and Philadelphia in the Week 17 finale, Philadelphia beats Washington on Saturday and Dallas beats Washington in Week 17, then the Giants would be 8-8, the Eagles would be 7-9 and Washington would be 7-9, and the Giants would be NFC East champions without the need for tiebreakers.

But if they need to rely on tiebreakers, they're cooked. With Minnesota and Seattle both at nine wins already and the Giants at eight losses, they can't hope for a wild card anymore. Their only hope is to win the division in the manner described above. Here are the potential outcomes other than the one I just outlined:

  • Eagles and Giants win Week 16, Washington and Giants win Week 17: This makes the Giants 8-8, tied with Washington for first place in the NFC East and a game ahead of the 7-9 Eagles. In this case, the NFC East goes to the fourth tiebreaker. The Giants and Washington split head-to-head, would have identical 3-3 division records and would have identical 5-7 records in games against common opponents. The fourth tiebreaker is conference record, and in this case Washington's would be 7-5 and the Giants' would be 6-6. Washington is NFC East champion.

  • Washington wins in Week 16: This makes the Giants' Sunday night game and all Week 17 NFC East games irrelevant, as a win by Washington in Philadelphia on Saturday night would clinch the NFC East for them. They would be 8-7 and hold the tiebreaker over the Giants as described above, even if the Giants win in Week 17 and Washington loses to make them both 8-8. The Eagles would have nine losses and be eliminated.

  • Eagles win, Giants lose Week 16; Giants and Washington win Week 17: Washington wins the division with an 8-8 record, one full game ahead of the 7-9 Giants and 7-9 Eagles.

  • Eagles win, Giants lose Week 16; Eagles and Washington win Week 17: Eagles win the division with an 8-8 record because they hold the second tiebreaker over 8-8 Washington -- a 4-2 division record to Washington's 3-3.