A loss Sunday would send Giants to London in 2016

We have a pretty good idea about the New York Giants' 2016 home and road opponents, but two of them still depend on the result of Sunday's season finale against the Eagles. The Giants will play the NFC South and NFC West teams that finish in the same spot in the standings that they finish in the NFC East. If they win Sunday, they'll finish in second place. If they lose, they'll finish in third.

Finishing in third brings a very interesting road trip for 2016. The St. Louis Rams are locked into third place in the NFC West, and their "home" game next year is scheduled to be in London, England against the NFC East's third-place finisher. If the Giants lose on Sunday, their Week 7 game would be Sunday, Oct. 23 against the Rams in London.

If the Giants win the game Sunday, they'll earn a road trip to Seattle, as the Seahawks are the second-place team in the NFC West, and a home game against the Atlanta Falcons, who will finish second in the NFC South, and the Eagles will be the team that goes to London to play the Rams.

If the Giants lose Sunday, their home game against their same-spot NFC South counterpart would be against the Buccaneers or the Saints, depending on the way that division finishes.

Here's a list of the Giants' 2016 home and road opponents, as close as we can get it with a week to go. The road schedule looks like a chilly one.


Cowboys, Eagles, Washington, Bears, Lions, Ravens, Bengals and either Buccaneers or Saints.


Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington, Green Bay, Minnesota, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and either Seattle or the Rams in London.