Could the Giants pass on Myles Jack if he falls to No. 10?

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Sifting through New York Giants GM Jerry Reese's news conference for interesting information was like trying to find golf balls in a snowbank. Reese obfuscates intentionally, as do most NFL executives at this time of year, and obviously he wasn't going to give away anything about the Giants' strategy in advance of next week's draft.

But I did find his comments about prospects with injury concerns interesting. Reese said the Giants had "a medical meeting" Wednesday night and discussed some of the draft prospects who present injury risks. He didn't name names, but he did talk about how the Giants handle such players.

"We listen to our doctors," Reese said. "If our doctors say the risk is too high, we don't take them. It's like school. F is bad and A is good. If it's a C, there's some risk. If there's a D, there's a lot of risk, and if it's an F, we're not going to take them. It's hard for us to take a D. We rarely take a D."

In Todd McShay's most recent mock draft, he's dropped UCLA linebacker Myles Jack all the way down to the No. 17 pick because of the thought that some teams will downgrade Jack due to his knee injury. Jack is a player the Giants like a lot. But what we don't know is what kind of injury grade they give him, and therefore whether they'd take him if the draft fell the way it does in McShay's mock and he were available to them with the No. 10 pick.

But if the Giants are one of the teams worried about Jack's knee, it sounds as though they might pass.

"You're not going to take a risk on your first-round pick if the guy is a D," Reese said, again, speaking generally and not about a certain player. "You're not going to take a risk like that with your first-round pick. If you're in the sixth round and you've got an extra pick, or if you're in the seventh round and have an extra pick, you can take more risks in those later rounds because the value is not the same."

The Giants have been the NFL's most injured team three years running. It wouldn't surprise me much if they were picking between Jack and a player they had ranked similarly and passed on Jack due to injury concerns. Again, the Giants may not be worried about Jack's knee. There are such teams. But if their doctors don't like what last week's medical re-check showed, then yes, they could let him go by when it's their turn to pick next Thursday night.