Watch: OBJ ties Eli for TD passes that travel at least 20 yards

The New York Giants' quarterback position has been one of debate for some time now, but one name may start emerging as a possible candidate to succeed Eli Manning.

The Giants have only two touchdown passes this season that have covered at least 45 yards of air distance -- from the point of the throw to the catch, according to NFL Next Gen Stats -- and Odell Beckham Jr. has THROWN both of them.

His second came Sunday against the Chicago Bears when he took a pitch from Manning, faked a run and then fired a bomb to Russell Shepard, who was wide-open for a 49-yard touchdown.

Beckham later caught a 1-yard touchdown pass from Manning.

Shepard had 10.51 yards of separation, according to NFL Next Gen Stats. It was the Giants' most wide-open TD pass in the past three seasons.

As it turns out, Shepard wasn’t supposed to be a receiving option. He was supposed to stay in and help on Khalil Mack. But Shepard saw open space and went for it. Nobody complained when he came back to the sideline

Beckham also had a 57-yard TD pass to Saquon Barkley against the Carolina Panthers on Oct. 7.

Beckham and Manning have each thrown two TD passes traveling at least 20 air yards this season. Beckham has attempted two passes, while Manning threw 401 passes entering Sunday.

To be fair to Manning, Beckham's two passing touchdowns with at least 47 yards of air distance also are more than those of Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Andrew Luck, Jared Goff and Cam Newton, among others, who all have one, according to NFL Next Gen Stats.

Beckham is the first non-quarterback with multiple touchdown passes in a season since Antwaan Randle El threw two in 2010. Beckham had none before this season, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

Contributing: ESPN Giants reporter Jordan Raanan