Cromartie admits last week was tough

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – Antonio Cromartie, who practiced more this week after reinjuring his hip two weeks ago, said he is ready to play. Last week, Miami wide receiver Mike Wallace said he could tell Cromartie was hurting, and Cromartie admitted he wasn’t his usual self.

“It just changed the way I tried to play,” Cromartie said. If you watched the film

I wasn’t in a lot of press coverage at all. Just trying to get back. Last week I didn’t really practice at all. More mentally than physically, trying to get myself back into it. This week I practiced a lot more and feel a lot more comfortable.”

Cromartie has been doing his homework on the Raiders, and compared Raiders quarterback Matt McGloin to former Jets backup Greg McElroy.

“We’re playing against a young quarterback,” Cromartie said. “I think our defense has done fairly well against young quarterbacks. It’s just a point of the schemes that we run and just a point of us containing the run, doing the things that we need to try and do. And on the back end, just going (and) attacking the ball when the ball’s in the air and just competing up for the ball.”

Last week despite not being 100 percent, Cromartie played in more snaps than any other member of the secondary.