Jets mailbag: Is GM John Idzik a goner?

Your questions on the New York Jets:

@RichCimini: Let's put it this way: He might not be an 11-point underdog, the historic spread for Sunday's game, but the odds of Idzik surviving this season aren't good. Woody Johnson has been tight-lipped in regard to his plans, but the vibe around the organization is that he's looking to replace his general manager. It's possible that he will re-assign Idzik to another role, but I'd be surprised if he remains the top dog in the football operation. There was a report last week that said Idzik is vetting potential head coach candidates, which suggests he'll be sticking around, but I don't think that's an accurate representation of the situation. He might have had a couple of casual conversations on the side, but nothing in an official capacity. We'll know the answer in nine days.

@RichCimini: The Jets can't possibly go into next season with Geno Smith as their No. 1 quarterback. I'm not saying they should cut him -- that wouldn't make sense -- but it would be a mistake to make him the undisputed starter. The best-case scenario for Smith is an open competition. The best-case scenario for the team is drafting Marcus Mariota. We all know that's highly unlikely, so the next-best scenario is bringing in a proven veteran, making Smith the No. 2 and drafting a quarterback in the second or third round. That would give the Jets three different types of quarterbacks -- older vet, young vet and rookie. That's the way to do it.

@RichCimini: Here are the top unrestricted free agents: David Harris, Kyle Wilson, Dawan Landry, Kenrick Ellis, Michael Vick, Bilal Powell and Willie Colon. The only player here who will generate significant interest on the open market is Harris, and even he's not a top-of-the-market player. I think he still has value to the Jets, but a lot depends on the next coaching staff -- assuming there is a new staff. Harris has scheme-versatility, which is a plus, but it will probably come down to money, as it usually does. The Jets won't open the vault the way they did with his previous contract. The rest of the free agents are replaceable.

@RichCimini: It's good to have Trey from Bristol checking in with a question. Four of the last five meetings have been decided by three points or fewer, so your point is on the mark. The reason: Rex Ryan. Despite having a significant talent disadvantage, especially at quarterback, the Jets have been competitive over the years because of Ryan's defensive acumen. With a few exceptions, he's been able to keep Tom Brady from being Brady. Ryan has used a mixed bag, everything from heavy-pressure schemes to coverage-oriented schemes, keeping Brady just a little off balance. Under Ryan, the Jets have won four of 12 from the Patriots, including the playoff game -- certainly not good. But in the 12 games before Ryan's arrival, they won only two of 12.

@RichCimini: Not a chance. First of all, D'Brickashaw Ferguson and Nick Mangold still are good players and they're not that old. Ferguson turned 31 last week and Mangold turns 31 next month. They're due to make $7.7 million and $7.4 million next year, respectively, counting salary and bonuses, which is hardly out of line for players of their stature at important positions. Yes, they have big cap charges (Ferguson $11.7 million, Mangold $10.4 million), but the Jets will have plenty of cap space. The cost to cut them, especially in Ferguson's case, would be prohibitive. But, again, the most important thing to remember: They're still good players. You can win with them.