Jets mailbag: Quarterbacks, Sheldon Richardson's attendance and Darrelle Revis' comments

Always something brewing with the New York Jets. Thanks for all the questions.

@RichCimini: If the Jets decided to confirm Geno Smith as the starter to avoid a media headache ... wow, that would be a really bad reason. For the record, no, I don't think that had anything to do with it. Let's clear something up: I don't think it was Chan Gailey's intention to create a quarterback story. In his mind, he was simply reiterating what Todd Bowles had said earlier in the offseason. But, in truth, Gailey's comments were more definitive than Bowles' earlier remarks. Gailey skipped the coachspeak and gave an honest and clear answer to a question. Boom, a headline! I've got news for you: We'll still keep quarterback stats in training camp (it's what we do), but there will be fewer questions pertaining to the competition that isn't a competition.

@RichCimini: First of all, it's not like he's not showing up at all. He has attended about half the workouts, according to Bowles. Richardson participated in Thursday's OTA practice, according to his tweet. Remember, these workouts are voluntary. The only mandatory portion of the offseason is the June 9-11 minicamp. Richardson is a hard worker and I can tell you he takes a lot of pride in his game, so there's no doubt he will be ready for the season. Me? I'd want to attend every practice, trying to absorb as much of the new scheme as possible. I'd also want to impress the new coach and get to know my new teammates. But that's me; I'm old school. I don't know why Richardson's attendance has been sporadic; he might have a perfectly legitimate reason. Technically, he doesn't need a reason.

@RichCimini: Don't get hung up on the $6 million figure; that won't be an obstacle in the Jets' ability to sign Muhammad Wilkerson to a contract extension. Remember, he's already counting $6.97 million on the cap, and they probably can reduce that charge with a certain structure. For instance: Robert Quinn, a first-round pick in Wilkerson's draft class, played last season at a $3 million cap charge after signing a long-term extension. I understand Wilkerson is seeking at least $40 million in guarantees. Quinn got $15.7 million in full guarantees at signing, plus another $25.6 million in rolling guarantees for a total of $41.3 million. Most would say Wilkerson isn't on Quinn's level, but he's close. After drafting Leonard Williams, the Jets have a considerable amount of leverage. They're apparently in no rush to get a deal done.

@RichCimini: No, I don't see that happening. I could see him in a sub package, but starting in the base 3-4 defense? That would be a surprise. Mauldin has ability, but there are many aspects to the outside-linebacker position -- setting the edge, rushing and dropping into coverage. It's a lot for a rookie to learn. According to Bowles, Mauldin is working on both sides -- Sam and Rush linebacker. He wants to get a feel for his strengths and weakness before putting him in one spot. If he can handle some pass-coverage responsibilities, he could land in the Sam position (strong side), currently manned by Calvin Pace.

@RichCimini: Who's line? If you're a Jets fan, you loved his comments. If you're a Patriots fan, you'll have another reason to boo him when he comes to Foxborough in the fall. I agree with your assessment -- smoke, but no fire. I thought he was stating the obvious when he said the Patriots "have a history of doing stuff." No kidding. I sensed an overall ambivalence toward Tom Brady and the Patriots in his comments to the New York Daily News. Minutes earlier, speaking to a group of reporters, Revis sounded like he couldn't care less about the current predicament of his previous team. I'm sure his quotes were noted in the Belichick bunker.