Geno Smith must learn to handle 'Porsche' on bumpy roads

A look at what's going on around the New York Jets:

1. Vroom, vroom: I have a feeling Willie Colon's "Porsche" quote will have a significant shelf life. In case you missed it, Colon said of Geno Smith, "We bought the Porsche, we've given him the keys, he can't crash it." At the risk of piling on, I'm going to use the analogy to examine one aspect of Smith's game. To avoid an accident, the Jets' quarterback has to do a better job of navigating rough roads. Let me explain.

One of the hallmarks of an elite quarterback is his ability to handle adversity. How does he respond after a bad play? Our NFL Nation Denver Broncos reporter, Jeff Legwold, devised a system that grades quarterbacks in that area. We'll call it the Legwold Index. Basically, he charts their performance in the six plays that immediately follow a bad play -- interception, sack, lost fumble and a botched third-down conversion (tipped pass, stumble, etc.) The latter category is a bit subjective for after-the-fact analysis, so for the purpose of evaluating Smith, we'll limit it to interceptions, sacks and lost fumbles.

Conclusion: He'll need to do a lot better in 2015 if he wants to keep the Porsche in one piece.

In those situations last season, Smith completed only 52 of 102 passes (51 percent) for 679 yards, with one touchdown, four interceptions and seven sacks (including a lost fumble). The lowpoint was Week 8 against the Buffalo Bills, when he threw an early interception and followed up with two more in a span of six plays. That got him benched. His best game was Week 15 against the Tennessee Titans, when he was 7-of-10 for 88 yards. There was an uptick late in the season.

Every quarterback encounters adversity, whether it's his fault or not. If Smith wants to stay in the driver's seat (sorry), he'll have to demonstrate more mental toughness in those situations. An improved supporting cast should help.

2. Some things don't change: The Jets gained a reputation under Rex Ryan for having a lot of loose cannons in the locker room. You know what they say: A team reflects its coach's personality. You figured that would change under the buttoned-down Todd Bowles, but Colon's comments, coupled with Antonio Cromartie's criticism of Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, indicates that culture still exists.

Bowles downplayed Colon's remarks, but you got the sense he wasn't thrilled. As reporters, we're not complaining. Colorful quotes make good copy, but they also create a certain perception about a team and I wonder if Bowles is comfortable with that look.

3. From the "One-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words" file: This happened Wednesday night in the Delta Lounge at Yankee Stadium, where WFAN radio personalities Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton held their "True Blue" softball event to raise money and honor the memories of three recently slain New York City police officers.

In a room filled with celebrities, media and VIP fans, Bowles sat alone on a bar stool, occasionally posing for a picture and signing an autograph. About 20 feet away was Ryan, surrounded by a swarm of reporters. Imagine: The former coach generated more buzz than the current coach. But you know what? Bowles seemed perfectly content. And so did Ryan.

4. Mo brushing up on X's and O's: Even though he skipped the voluntary workouts and organized team activities (OTAs), Muhammad Wilkerson said he has a good grasp of the defensive system being installed by Bowles. He has a copy of the playbook, which is stored on a computer tablet.

"I've sat down with some guys and kind of went over some plays, so I know about the scheme," he said Friday night at his charity bowling event in his hometown, Linden, New Jersey. "I know the things that we're trying to get done. That's not an issue."

Wilkerson was coy about his plans for the mandatory minicamp, Tuesday to Thursday, but he's expected to attend. When he steps on the field, he will assume his old starting position, according to Bowles.

5. Taking the air out of Jordan: Wilkerson wasn't asked about Cameron Jordan's new contract, which prompted a cryptic response on Twitter, but I can tell you this: Wilkerson isn't looking at the Jordan contract and saying, "I want what he got." He wants more.

Jordan signed a five-year, $55 million extensions with the New Orleans Saints. It has $33.5 million in total guarantees, including $23 million fully guaranteed at signing. Methinks Wilkerson is seeking at least $40 million in guarantees.

The Jets may use Jordan's contract in negotiations because there are similarities between the players. Jordan was drafted 24th in 2011, Wilkerson 30th; Jordan has 29 sacks and five forced fumbles, Wilkerson has 24 and seven; Jordan has one Pro Bowl, Wilkerson was second-team All-Pro.

6. Something you didn't know about Darrelle Revis: Growing up, his favorite NBA team was the Portland Trail Blazers. How does a kid from Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, fall in love with a team from the Pacific Northwest? The colors. The Blazers have the same colors as Revis' high-school team -- red, silver, black and white.