AFC East Q&A: Is there hope for Geno Smith?

Today's question: Is there any hope for New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith?

Mike Rodak, Buffalo Bills: About as much as EJ Manuel has in Buffalo. Like Manuel, Smith showed flashes early in his career (remember him tossing for 331 yards against Buffalo back in 2013?), but I just can't see him turning it around in New York. The temptation for Chan Gailey to turn to Ryan Fitzpatrick -- who made the Bills one of the NFL's best offenses for a brief moment in 2011 -- will eventually prove too strong. Smith has a meager 42.3 QBR against AFC East opponents, and now he'll play Rex Ryan's defense twice a year. Think Ryan might know a thing or two about where Smith is vulnerable?

James Walker, Miami Dolphins: The only hope for Smith would be to play all 16 games at Sun Life Stadium in his hometown of Miami. For some reason, Smith is a Pro Bowler in road games against the Dolphins. I've seen him twice under those circumstances, and he was at his best. But there are many more games where I've seen "Bad Geno." I am convinced his inconsistency will hold Smith back from being a franchise quarterback. The Jets cannot win consistently with Smith because he turns the ball over way too much -- he has 34 interceptions and 10 lost fumbles in 30 career games. Smith is athletic and has enough arm talent to be a solid backup quarterback but nothing more. The sooner the Jets realize that, the better.

Mike Reiss, New England Patriots: I don't see it from a long-range perspective. But in the short-term, maybe the Jets have done enough to surround him with solid weapons and the potential for a top-notch defense to create a Trent Dilfer-type 2000 Ravens dynamic; that was the year Baltimore won the Super Bowl, led by its defense. Dilfer and Tony Banks "game managed" the offense and mostly avoided critical mistakes as the Ravens won several low-scoring games. I just have doubts that Smith can consistently avoid those critical mistakes based on what we've seen the past two years.