Brandon Marshall upset about perceived lack of recognition

It's fair to say Brandon Marshall thinks he's underrated.

The New York Jets wide receiver was a guest on "The Stephen A. Smith Show" on SiriusXM Mad Dog Sports Radio on Friday, and was asked where he feels he ranks among the great receivers in the game today.

"I definitely think I’m one of the best out there," Marshall said. "I take pride in my work. I don’t look at it as, my approach is not one of I’m going out there to be the best wide receiver and run great routes, I look at it as my life’s work. Football doesn’t define me, but it's a part of a bigger picture. And it's my craft, it’s art to me. And when I go out there I just try my best to not only be the No. 1 receiver on my team, but being the No. 1 receiver in the league.

"And to be totally honest and transparent, it pisses me off that no one recognizes that. And it’s OK because all you can do is put your head down and work, and when you get your opportunities it will happen."

Marshall also gave quarterback Geno Smith a vote of confidence, while at the same time backing the Jets' current starting quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

"The only difference is one has a lot of experience and seen a lot of football, knows a lot of football, and Geno is still trying to establish himself in the NFL," Marshall said. "So to be honest it was more of, you could possibly say I was leading the way when it was with Geno and now it’s Fitz leading the way.

"But like I said from the beginning, and I’ll stand by this, Geno is going to have a monster year but he’s not in it right now. But he’ll get his shot. He’s still young and he has a long career ahead of him."