Calvin Pace says key for Jets will be putting pressure on Tom Brady

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- New York Jets linebacker Calvin Pace has been around a while, and the 13-year veteran has played in his share of Jets-Patriots games, which he said are usually pretty wild.

"It's crazy, because the game, no matter who they have, it always comes down to the end," Pace said Wednesday. "So it's just about making those plays. It seems like they always get the ball before half; it seems like they always get the ball before the end of the game, no matter how things go, so it's just -- we gotta be on the winning side, and get off the field some type of way. Sometimes you gotta withstand a punch and just keep on fighting."

Pace said the Jets have enough talent in their secondary to match up with the Patriots' stable of receivers. The key, he said, would be to make sure the front seven gets pressure on Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

"We can't give him all day to throw," Pace said. "We can't make it 7-on-7 for him. I like our chances, man. We've got some guys that can go. We've just got to get there."

Pace was asked if he notices Brady slowing down at all.

"Nah, man. He's ageless," Pace said. "From the day I got here until now, he's still doing it, still putting the ball on the money. The thing I respect about him is, no matter who's out there, he can find the open guy and put the ball on the money. So there's a reason he'll be in the Hall of Fame someday."