Jets' Antonio Cromartie says Odell Beckham has 'a lot of room to grow'

A couple of months ago, Antonio Cromartie made headlines by calling Odell Beckham Jr. a "one-year wonder." He wasn't trying to be critical; Cromartie was just saying he wanted to see more from the New York Giants' young wide receiver before proclaiming him The Next Great Thing.

Now here we are, the week of the big game, the Giants against the New York Jets. On Monday, Cromartie was reminded of his "one-year-wonder" quote. The veteran cornerback didn't back down from his original statement; he found a politically correct way of saying Beckham still has a ways to go.

"I still feel like there's still so much room for him to grow," Cromartie said. "He's a young, athletic guy that can go out and make plays, and make unbelievable catches. He's proven that over and over."

"He does have a lot of room to grow, because he's so young," he added. "He's only in his second year, so he only can evolve in that offense. Being around the guys, like Eli Manning, (can) make him evolve more. Yes, he has a lot of room to grow, to be the guy that everyone knows he can be."

Beckham has evolved rather nicely in a short time. Still only 23, he has 163 catches for 2,310 yards and 21 touchdowns in 23 career games. Room to grow? If he gets any better, they'll have to start his Hall of Fame bust.

"He hasn't changed from last year," Jets coach Todd Bowles said. "He's a great receiver, he makes great catches, good route runner, quick off the ball, tough-minded. He's got everything you want in a receiver."