RG III contract with Browns hurts Jets' negotiating stance with Ryan Fitzpatrick

A few quick thoughts on how the New York Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick are impacted by Robert Griffin III's decision to sign with the Cleveland Browns:

1. Well, the Jets can scratch Plan B off their contingency list. Or was it Plan C? Plan D? Even though the Jets met with Griffin on March 10 and 11, they never seemed serious about signing him. It was, as coach Todd Bowles called it, a "meet and greet."

2. Griffin's deal with the Browns -- a reported two years, $15 million, including $6.75 million guaranteed -- doesn't help the Jets, that's for sure. It's strengthens Fitzpatrick's negotiating position. His offer from the Jets is said to be in the Griffin ballpark, which is insulting. Fitzpatrick went 10-6 last season and threw 31 touchdowns; Griffin was active for only one game and didn't play a single snap. Are the Jets trying to run off Fitzpatrick? It sure seems like it.

3. Griffin's arrival means the Browns probably will cut or trade Josh McCown, who is due to make $4.375 million. As noted on Wednesday, the Jets see McCown, 36, as a potential replacement for Fitzpatrick. Add McCown to the list of seemingly expendable quarterbacks under contract, joining Colin Kaepernick, Mike Glennon and Brian Hoyer.

4. The next domino to fall could be Kaepernick. If he goes to the Denver Broncos, it'll leave Fitzpatrick without any suitors, hurting his leverage.