Could Jets trade for Sam Bradford and dump Ryan Fitzpatrick?

The Jets would be hard-pressed to come up with a package attractive enough to get QB Sam Bradford even if they wanted to give up draft picks and take on his salary. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Reaching into the New York Jets mailbag, one last time before the draft:

@RichCimini: I don't see this happening for a few of reasons, Bryan. The Philadelphia Eagles say they're not trading Sam Bradford and the Jets say their primary focus is re-signing Ryan Fitzpatrick. I'm going to take their comments at face value and assume neither side will pursue your proposed trade.

The Jets' patience with Fitzpatrick will run out at some point, but I don't think it will happen before the draft, which is only five days away. I also don't think they're keen on giving away draft picks. They have only six picks, including two seventh-rounders -- not exactly a treasure trove of draft capital. They'd probably have to give up a third- or fourth-rounder for Bradford, and that would create a sizable hole in the middle of their draft. The Jets, an older team, can't keep trading away draft picks.

If they trade for Bradford, they'd inherit the two-year contract he recently signed with the Eagles. That would mean adding $11 million in guarantees to the payroll -- his $7 million base salary this season, plus $4 million of his $13 million base in 2017. There's also a $4 million roster bonus next year. All told, it's two years, $24 million -- not a bad deal for a 28-year-old starting quarterback. But can you count on Bradford, considering his injury history and inconsistent play?

The Eagles say Bradford will be their starter this season, but it's only a temporary gig. After trading up to No. 2, they will pick a quarterback -- probably Carson Wentz -- and make Bradford a very expensive placeholder. Financially, it would be very difficult to trade him. His contract includes an $11 million signing bonus, and the Eagles are on the hook for that amount. Right now, he's counting $12 million on the cap. If they trade him, they'd save $1.5 million, but it's insane to take an $11 million cap hit for a guy you signed only two months ago. They'd have to be blown away by a trade offer to eat that kind of dough, and I don't see that offer coming from the Jets.