Jets RB Matt Forte would be 'disappointed' if Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn't return

Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker aren't the only players on the New York Jets lobbying for Ryan Fitzpatrick's return. New running back Matt Forte wants him back, too.

"I feel that my expectations are he'll be there," Forte said Tuesday on the Tiki Barber and Brandon Tierney show on CBS Sports Radio. "Yeah, I'd be disappointed [if I don't] get to work with him [given that he was here] last year and the good job he did. But at the same time, you have to prepare yourself for the worst or if that doesn't happen."

Fitzpatrick remains a free agent, with the two sides at an impasse. The Jets say they want to re-sign their 2015 starter, but they're not willing to meet his asking price. The stalemate began in February. Since then, the Jets have flirted with at least two free agents, Brian Hoyer and Robert Griffin III, with the latter eventually signing with the Cleveland Browns. General manager Mike Maccagnan reiterated last week that Fitzpatrick remains their priority, adding that "it may take some time" before it's resolved.

The Jets could draft a quarterback this week, with most of the speculation focused on Memphis' Paxton Lynch. But even if he were selected in the first round, he wouldn't be expected to play right away. The Jets also like Penn State's Christian Hackenberg as a second- or third-round possibility.

Forte, who signed a free-agent contract in March, said he's keeping an eye on the Fitzpatrick situation.

"I've paid attention to it, but Brandon has been in talks with him, too, just trying to see where his head's at," said Forte, who played with Marshall at the Chicago Bears. "As a player, I know how the negotiation part goes. He should do his best and take his time where he can get as much as he wants to get. So he still has time left for him to sign and be with us.

"I hope he does sign and come back so that we can continue to hold off the momentum from last year that him and Brandon and Eric and all the receivers and the offense had last year. We can take a step in the right direction in that aspect, continuing on with that momentum that they had last year. It's not all said and done yet, so we're still waiting."

There will be rumors throughout the draft, no doubt. The new hot name is Sam Bradford, who reportedly wants the Philadelphia Eagles to trade him. The Jets probably will perform due diligence, but it's hard to imagine them surrendering a first- or second-round pick for the injury-prone Bradford.