Jets' Eric Decker expects ex-teammate Tim Tebow to land a baseball job

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Eric Decker doesn't know if Tim Tebow will be a success in his new career -- professional baseball player -- but he's pretty sure about one thing: People will pay to see him try.

The New York Jets wide receiver, who played with Tebow for two seasons with the Denver Broncos, predicted the former NFL quarterback will absolutely land a minor league contract.

"I’ll just say if you haven’t played baseball for 10 years or however many years it’s been, I don’t know what the chances are. But if I was a Double-A or Single-A team, I’m signing him to get the ticket sales up," Decker said. "I’m sure he’ll have success in that field. But as far as the skill aspect, I think hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things, so it’ll be interesting to see his progress.”

So can Tebow do it?

"Well, of course, he’s gonna do it," Decker said. "Someone is going to sign him, I guarantee you that, because it’s Tim Tebow and [the fans] will be coming to a baseball game with a football jersey on, selling tickets. I want to see what kind of player he is. I haven’t seen him play baseball, but he’s an athlete and works tremendously hard, so obviously he’s going to put everything he has into it. We’ll see.”

Decker's comment about "selling tickets" reminds me of a Mark Sanchez remark from the infamous 2012 season, when Tebow played for the Jets. Early in the year, Sanchez was asked about owner Woody Johnson's affinity for the erratic-throwing, Wildcat-running, punt-protecting Tebow.

"Selling tickets, man," Sanchez said. "Selling tickets."

Some things never change.