Could quarterback-needy Jets take a flier on Johnny Manziel?

The New York Jets are looking for a quarterback and there could be a new name on the market. You may have heard of him. Our question of the week:

@RichCimini: Mike, I understand why you asked the question. Johnny Manziel made news Friday, telling ESPN's Ed Werder in a text message that he's sober and wants to resume his football career. Good for Johnny; we should all hope he can get his life straightened out. But does that make him a good candidate to play quarterback for the Jets? I can answer that in five words:

No. No. No. No. No.

I'd be beyond stunned if the Jets showed any interest in Manziel. Signing Johnny Football would dwarf the Tim Tebow trade in terms of the most calamitous personnel moves in Jets history. Under Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan, the Jets have tried to remove the "circus" perception that dogged the franchise during the Rex Ryan years. Manziel would bring the Jets right back to that phase.

Full disclosure: A few years back, I wrote the Jets should consider drafting Manziel, but that was before his life spiraled out of control. If the locker room had issues last season, imagine what it would be like with Manziel in it. They have two young, impressionable quarterbacks, Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg, and they need to be developed in a stable environment.

Imagine Manziel in the No. 1 media market. Oh, my. TMZ would hire a correspondent to cover the Jets' beat.

In his final season with the Browns, 2015, Manziel demonstrated a modest level of competence, completing 58 percent of his passes with seven touchdowns and five interceptions. He has talent, but this isn't a talent issue. It's a life issue. He needs to get his together, and it takes time. One text message to a reporter doesn't mean he's equipped to return to the crucible of the NFL. He should play in the CFL or in the new spring league that is forming. Baby steps.

Yeah, the Jets are desperate for a quarterback. But not that desperate.