Jets' quarterback options are quickly disappearing

The New York Jets aren't having a great start to free agency, especially at the quarterback position.

Two names on their radar -- Brian Hoyer and Mike Glennon -- appear to have settled with other teams. Hoyer has reportedly agreed to terms with the 49ers, where he will be reunited with his former Browns coordinator, Kyle Shanahan. It came down to the Jets and 49ers, I'm told. Frankly, I don't think the Jets were a serious contender.

Glennon still hasn't agreed to a contract, but all signs point to him signing with the Bears, Hoyer's previous team -- and Jay Cutler's soon-to-be former team. Tyrod Taylor was on their watch list, but he's not going anywhere. He agreed to a restructured contract with the Bills. There's a good chance he would've been out of their price range, anyway.

Yep, the quarterback carousel is cranked up now.

So where does this leave the Jets, who desperately need a starting-caliber quarterback?

Unless the organization has had a change of heart in recent days, I don't think Cutler is high on their list. It might seem like a natural fit, considering his former position coach, Jeremy Bates, was just hired by Todd Bowles, but Cutler is a 33-year-old turnover machine coming off shoulder surgery.

The Jets' options are Geno Smith (yes, him), Colin Kaepernick (don't see it), Josh McCown (visiting the Cowboys) and Matt McGloin (ugh). They're all free agents.

If they decide to pursue the trade market, the Jets could try for Eagles backup Chase Daniel, who played for the Saints. New offensive coordinator John Morton came from the Saints and, although he and Daniel never overlapped, there probably would be some similarities in the system.

Or the Jets could wait until Tony Romo picks his next team, meaning they could perhaps scoop up the odd man out.

It's still too early to panic, but the Jets, as they did often during the season, have gone three-and-out on the first drive.