Jets' true opinion of Christian Hackenberg will surface on draft day

This is the first installment of our position-by-position breakdown for the New York Jets as we head to the April 27-29 draft:

Position: Quarterback

Current personnel: Josh McCown (signed through 2017), Christian Hackenberg (2019), Bryce Petty (2018).

Key newcomers: McCown.

Departures: Ryan Fitzpatrick (free agent), Geno Smith (free agent/Giants).

Projected starter: McCown.

Overview: The most interesting man in the world -- or at least in the Jets' world -- is Hackenberg. Finally extracted from moth balls, he'll get a chance to compete for the starting job (or so they say), but there's still an air of mystery surrounding him. How do the powers-that-be really feel about him? You don't get the sense there's a lot of confidence in him, but we'll know the answer on draft day. If they pick a quarterback with the sixth pick, it'll be over for Hackenberg before he ever got started. The Jets would get ripped for wasting a 2016 second-round pick on Hackenberg, but the criticism will fade if the new kid turns out to be the real deal. For now, they have an aging Band-Aid and two projects. McCown, 37, is the favorite to open the season.

The last quarterback drafted: The Jets are on a roll. They've acquired a quarterback in six straight offseasons: Greg McElroy (2011), Tim Tebow (trade/2012), Smith (2013), Tajh Boyd (2014), Petty (2015) and Hackenberg (2016).

Potential targets: There's a chance Mitchell Trubisky (North Carolina) will be on the board at No. 6. The Jets have invested a lot of time on Trubisky, widely regarded as the top quarterback in the draft. Many scouts believe he has the traits to be a good NFL player, but there's risk because he started only 13 games in college. The Jets also are showing interest in Deshaun Watson (Clemson) and Patrick Mahomes (Texas Tech). As ESPN's Adam Schefter reported, quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates was poised to become Mahomes' personal coach before getting hired by the Jets. They've also visited with Davis Webb (Cal) and worked out Trevor Knight (Texas A&M). This isn't a strong quarterback class, and the Jets would be wise to go elsewhere with the sixth pick. ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski said, "I wouldn't take one of these guys in the first round if I was a general manager." The ideal scenario would be trading down to get Watson or, later on, Mahomes.

Need factor (based on a scale of 1 to 10): 10.