If Andrew Luck becomes available, should Jets be interested?

If Andrew Luck's shoulder is sound at the end of the season, why would the Colts look to deal him? Andy Lyons/Getty Images

You've heard about the "Suck for Sam" campaign. Is it time for New York Jets fans to start a "Suck for Luck" movement? Let's examine:

@RichCimini: A potential Andrew Luck-Colts divorce started churning in the rumor mill recently, prompting his agent to state publicly the talented quarterback is committed to the Colts. For a number of reasons, a trade seems far-fetched, but I'll play along since you asked the question, Alan.

Short answer: Heck, yeah, they should pursue Luck if he becomes available.

We're talking about a legitimate franchise quarterback in the prime of his career (he turned 28 on Sept. 12). College prospects such as Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen have high ceilings, but there's no such thing as a sure thing. Until a player performs on the NFL level, there's always an element of risk. As Bill Parcells used to say, the bus station is filled with guys who were supposed to be the next (plug in the name of a great player).

Luck has done it. He's a known quantity. So, yes, if I were calling the shots for the Jets, I'd trade a top-5 draft pick (and probably more) for Luck. He'd bring instant credibility to the franchise and accelerate the rebuilding process. He'd be expensive -- roughly double the cost of the No. 1 overall pick -- but he'd be worth it. For the record, he has $82 million remaining on the final four years of his contract, 2018 to 2021.

The caveat, of course, is the condition of his surgically repaired throwing shoulder. If it's not 100 percent, there's no deal. I'd take my high pick and be very happy with Darnold. At this point, the shoulder is the great unknown. He's on the shelf right now and he's had durability issues in recent years.

Let me pose this question: If his shoulder is sound at the end of the season, why on earth would the Colts look to deal him? Because the new general manager wants to hit the reset button and rebuild? I'm not a professional talent evaluator, but I'm smart enough to know rebuilding is a lot easier when you have a stud quarterback who's only 28.

Luck's long-term value to the Colts seems like a no-brainer, and yet the trade rumors continue to percolate. It's probably just a media-generated story, but it's a fun discussion. Right now, we should keep it in that context.