Jets want to see more Josh Allen, schedule private workout

The New York Jets aren't done scouting quarterbacks.

With the April 26 draft fast approaching, they will take another up-close look at Wyoming's Josh Allen. The Jets have scheduled a private workout next week with the 6-foot-5 gunslinger, whom many scouts believe has the highest upside of any quarterback in the draft.

General manager Mike Maccagnan, speaking to reporters Monday at the NFL meetings in Orlando, Florida, volunteered the information on the workout. 'Tis the season to be suspicious of team executives who serve up draft-related intel, especially an executive as measured as Maccagnan.

Could it be a smokescreen?

The Jets sent their top decision makers to Allen's pro day last Friday in Laramie, Wyoming. It's not usual for a team to circle back with a private workout. In fact, the Jets have conducted private workouts with Oklahoma's Baker Mayfield and UCLA's Josh Rosen. Maccagnan said he doesn't feel the need to work out USC's Sam Darnold.

“With Sam, we had actually gotten quite a bit of exposure on him, so we feel pretty good about him,” said Maccagnan, who attended Darnold's pro day last week.

Many in the league believe Darnold could be selected No. 1 overall by the Cleveland Browns.

Before making his St. Patrick's Day trade with the Indianapolis Colts -- which moved the Jets up three spots to No. 3, while sending the No. 6 overall pick, two second-round choices this year (Nos. 37 and 49) and their second-rounder in 2019 to the Colts -- Maccagnan made a due-diligence call to the Browns to explore the possibility of moving up, he confirmed. No doubt, he would've had to surrender the Jets' 2019 first-round pick to move up from No. 6, and it sounds like they don't want to part with that pick -- for now.

Could Maccagnan have a change of heart? I wouldn't rule out anything. A quarterback-starved team is capable of anything.

Maccagnan said he didn't call the New York Giants (No. 2) before swinging the Colts trade.

He didn't dismiss the possibility of trading again.

"Even at three, it’s not as if we’re totally locked in there," Maccagnan said. "I think the one thing I would say is this: You never know how the draft will unfold. Not to read into, ‘Oh, the Jets are looking to move again,’ but three is a very good position to be in."

Maccagnan wouldn't divulge what seems obvious -- that the plan is to select a quarterback. If he stays at No. 3, he'll have his choice of at least two from the Allen-Mayfield-Rosen trio, assuming Darnold is off the board.

"If you feel good about the pool of players available at three," Maccagnan said, "you probably feel comfortable with making that (trade)."