Sam Darnold and Josh McCown emerge as captains in Jets' hair force

Josh McCown said -- with tongue planted in cheek -- that the Jets were firing on all cylinders in Week 3, and that included a synchronized hair flip for the ages. Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Josh McCown and Sam Darnold are taking this teacher-pupil thing to a new level.

On Friday night, the TV cameras caught the two quarterbacks on the bench, side by side. As they listened to offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates, McCown and Darnold executed a perfectly synchronized (and awesome) hair flip. Naturally, the video went viral.

On Sunday, they had some fun when asked about the double flip.

"For preseason [week] three, I think we were firing on cylinders," McCown said, tongue in cheek. "It's when you want to be at your best. Obviously, there's some room for improvement, but for the most part it was a solid effort."

Darnold said his phone blew up with text messages from friends who caught the follicly focused quarterbacks in action.

"Everyone has been talking about it," the rookie said. "It was total coincidence, but I'd say I've taught Josh a couple of things. Everyone is like, 'Oh, yeah, Josh is teaching Sam a bunch,' but I think I've taught him a couple of things about the hair."

McCown and Darnold, along with Teddy Bridgewater, are competing for the starting job. May the best man win, hair and square.