Lionel Hollins: Mike Conley 'wants to get paid'

NEW YORK -- The New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets both can use Mike Conley badly and the feeling might be mutual for the free agent-to-be point guard.

A source close to Conley recently said that while the Grizzlies point guard loves playing in Memphis, it wouldn't be that surprising to see Conley leave for a big pay day from either the Knicks or Nets.

Lionel Hollins, Conley's former longtime coach in Memphis, says his old point guard will be looking for financial security among other things.

"I don't know if Michael looks elsewhere but that might end up being the best move," Hollins said recently on SiriusXM radio. "Mike is at that crossroads where he's [28] years old. He's coming up on a contract year."

"He wants to get paid," added Hollins, who coached Conley as a head coach for four-plus seasons. "Will Memphis pay him as much as somebody else? If he can get to a situation that has a future of winning or is he going to go to a team that doesn't have a future of winning? That's probably going to be important to him as well."

Conley recently said that "everything will be on the table" this summer. Memphis can offer its point guard a five-year max contract that starts at $25 million with annual raises up to 7.5 percent.

The Knicks and Nets, and other teams, can offer Conley a four-year max contract that starts at $25 million with annual raises up to 4.5 percent.

"It comes down to, this is your life," Hollins said. "This is your opportunity. You have the hammer in your hand and you have to wield it because you may never get it again. The reality is you have to do what's best for your family and the future.

"And if somebody comes around and offers Michael $18 million and Memphis can't match, I think you have to make those decisions from that perspective."