Phil Jackson's triangle offense gets Hollywood treatment in 'Suicide Squad'

Phil Jackson and his triangle offense have taken a beating publicly in New York over the last two seasons. But Hollywood still holds both in high regard.

In the new movie “Suicide Squad,” Will Smith’s character makes a glowing reference to Jackson and the triangle.

"You might want to work on your team-motivation thing,” Smith’s character says in a recently released trailer. “You heard of Phil Jackson? He's like the gold standard, OK? Triangle, ----."

Jackson won a combined 11 rings as a head coach in Chicago and Los Angeles while running the triangle. He was seen as a master motivator on the bench during that span, managing the egos of some of the sport’s biggest stars. So Smith’s reference makes sense to a degree.

But Jackson and the triangle haven’t had the same level of success in New York. The club has won a combined 49 games over the last two seasons as players struggled to grasp the offense.

Of course, you can make an argument that the New York Knicks' issues are the result of a poor talent base, not a specific approach on offense. But some players have privately grumbled that the triangle is too slow and predictable.

So the Fresh Prince of Bel Air may want to freshen up on his NBA references. (Hat tip: Posting & Toasting).