Angelo Dundee service information

A service for Angelo Dundee will be held next Friday, Feb. 10, at the Countryside Christian Center in Clearwater, Florida.

The service will begin at 12 noon, with time beforehand for the public to bid Dundee adieu.

Manager-friend Mark Grismer relayed that info to me, and told me, happily, that Angelo went in the blink of an eye on Tuesday night. He was at his home, chatting his daughter in law and a nurse, and complained that he was having trouble breathing. He said it felt like his throat was closing up. He then closed his eyes, and that was it.

"He was swinging til the end," Grismer told me. "He had his wits about him." Angelo was excited about going a Rays baseball game, and continuing to work with young fighters looking forward. "His was the quintessential 20th century life done right. He was everything good about America in the 20th century."

Grismer told me a classic Angelo story. He was in the Army air corps, on a relief mission in the Belgian town of Bastogne. Dundee was in the air, looked down, saw some people, and waved happily at them. They responded with gunfire. They were German soldiers. That was Angelo.

"If someone died, he'd think all good things about them and what they did in their life," Grismer said. "He saw a lot of people he cared about pass away, but he took it all in stride, saying, 'That's life.''