Marquez knocks out Pacquiao

I asked Austin Trout, who defeated Miguel Cotto Dec. 1 at Madison Square Garden, if strength, speed or mobility would be most important if Juan Manuel Marquez were to beat Manny Pacquiao for the first time.

All of the above, Trout told me. Indeed, Marquez's movement, punching power, and the quick delivery of a right counter proved the difference in Las Vegas on Saturday night. Marquez dipped his head left to slip a Pacquiao jab, hurled a right counter and sent Manny to the canvas, face first. The ref didn't even bother to count, as Pacquiao was out of it. There was about a second left in round six when the plug was pulled.

In this fourth tangle between the rivals for the ages, the men traded knockdowns, but it looked like Pacquiao was pulling away from Marquez. A right hand bomb had dropped Manny in round three, but he roared back, and sent Marquez down in round five on a straight left. The judges had it 47-46, times three, at the time of the knockout. After, Pacman said he got overconfident, and over-aggressive. Classy to the max, he walked over to congratulate Marquez while the Mexican talked to HBO's Larry Merchant, and then told Merchant he'd like to fight his rival a fifth time. "It was a thrilling victory for Marquez regardless who you root for," said Lampley, terming it an epic fight.

I see it as the Fight of the Year and like Marquez as Fighter of the year. What about you, NYFightbloggers?

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