Judah crashes Garcia event

If you enjoy analyzing and dissecting characters in boxing, then you have to like Zab Judah, who will fight Danny Garcia Saturday night in Brooklyn.

Only a few hours after impressing me with his poise and apparent serenity on the subject of the combustible Angel Garcia, the trainer-father of Danny Garcia, the 35-year-old Judah crashed Garcia's press event at the Modell's Sporting Goods store across the street from Barclays Center, where they will tangle in a few days.

Judah did a press event at Judah Brothers Gym in East New York on Tuesday afternoon and Garcia had his own event at Modell's at 6 p.m. Judah knew about it, but nobody thought he was going to attend. But he did and that's when things went off the rails. (Video link here -- caution, language is NSFW.)

Judah and his posse approached Garcia and his father-trainer, Angel. The elder Garcia did what he often does. He went off. "You don't scare me. If you kill me, so what?" said the senior Garcia, as he gestured wildly, as his son looked on, slightly bemused, among a crowd of crew members, some boxing fans and a lone Modell's employee trying to calm the budding drama.

"Who wanna kill you?" Judah answered, as the elder Garcia let loose some profanity and then slammed a table set up for the event, while undercard boxer Danny Jacobs, ready to greet autograph seekers, looked on. Judah egged Angel on, and Garcia's father then tried to flip the table, but was stopped.

A "Broooooklyn" chant started from the Judah crew, to taunt the Pennsylvania interlopers. "Do that s--- outside, not in here," yelled the Modell's employee, a young lady who deserves a combat-pay bonus in her next check. The two teams yelled at each other while Team Garcia was ushered out the rear exit amid flyers advertising the Saturday card at Barclays laying on the floor. "Who's talking about killing you, man? He's scared. Shut up," said Judah to remaining press.

As Judah headed to the door, a member of his posse, with eyes on the bottom line, said, "Yo, buy your tickets. It's gonna be a good fight."

I can't figure out who is in whose head, or if everyone involved is in everyone's head. What do you think?

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