Khan-Alexander to land in Dubai, UK or NY

Where will Amir Khan's next bout be? Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer checked in with NYFightblog. Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy Promotions has been logging mad frequent flyer miles of late. He just got back from the UK, on a deal-making trek, and he touched base on Tuesday afternoon with NYFightblog to give an update on the next bout for honorary New Yorker Amir Khan.

Schaefer said his traveling time isn't over, as he will be jetting to Dubai on Saturday. Ideally, he said, he wants to announce a Danny Garcia-Lucas Matthysse fight as a done deal before then, and then head to Dubai, which is one of three potential sites to host the next Khan bout.

Schaefer has Dec. 7 slated for the ex junior welter champ Khan's return, against IBF welterweight titlist Devon Alexander. "I'm looking at three possible venues, and I'm going to try and generate the most money for the athletes," he said. "Dubai is one possibility, the UK is another, and New York is another possibility."

The promoter said, with respect due to him as the champion, all options and packages will be presented to Alexander and his team, which includes advisor Al Haymon and manager-trainer Kevin Cunningham.

It has been rumored Alexander isn't keen on meeting Khan in Dubai, possibly because he feels, as a non-Muslim, he might not be as widely embraced (by judges *cough cough*) as the Muslim Khan would, in that region. Scheafer threw water on that theory. "I talked to Team Alexander and they are not afraid to fight anywhere," he said. "The money I think will dictate where the fight is. And Amir doesn't care either where he fights."

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