Garcia wins, but doesn't entertain

Mikey Garcia has been talked up by promoter Bob Arum as a pound-for-pound ace, someone who could help lead the sport when the Mayweathers and Pacquiaos exit stage left. He'll need to offer just a bit more entertainment value, though, than he showed on Saturday night against a foe, Juan Carlos Burgos, who looked to survive, and not thrive, to get to the next level of popularity.

Garcia (34-0; from California) retained his WBO super feather crown at the MSG Theater, via scores of 118-110, 118-110, 119-109, but the fans were sitting on their hands during a bout woefully short of action and buzz. He almost went down in the second and then almost put Burgos down in the third. But too often, he was one and done against an opponent who went into a shell, and moved out of range to avoid fire.

Garcia went 163-567 on the night, to 89-564 for Burgos. No, neither man was in gunslinger mode.

Garcia told the media he was pleased with his outing. He got the W, and noted that Burgos tasted his power and that made him hesitant. "In the early rounds, I was working on rhythm, timing and distance. I expected Burgos to go rounds and he did."

After, Burgos (30-2-2) said, "I feel good, we did a good job." He said he has to work harder in the future. "Luck was not with us tonight."

Luck, from my seat, didn't have much to do with it. Burgos didn't give off a vibe of wanting, of needing to win -- and that's too bad, as the fans deserved better, and, it could be argued, so did Garcia.