Highlights from Billy King news conference

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- P.J. Carlesimo won't return as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

Here are the other highlights from Billy King's season-ending news conference Sunday, one day after a Game 7 loss to Chicago in the first round:

• King said Joe Johnson (plantar fasciitis in his left foot) would have missed Games 1 and 2 of the second round if the Nets made it that far.

"It was getting to the point where we were getting diminishing returns," King said.

King said the injury will not need surgery, just time to heal.

"He's not one to make excuses for himself, but we knew -- I found out this morning that if we had gotten through that, he wouldn't have played Monday or Wednesday," King said.

• King said the Nets will look to bring over Eurostash Bojan Bogdanovich in the offseason.

"His contract is up. We've had the discussion about him coming over," King said.

• Does King like his roster?

"We have a core. And now, I've got to complement that core a little better," King said. "I think our guys did a great job. Different guys stepped up different times. But now seeing some of the key pieces work together, I know areas where we've got to add to make it better."

• The Nets are over the salary cap, so it's going to be difficult to upgrade the roster.

Perhaps packaging Kris Humphries' $12 million expiring and other pieces could be an idea.

"I'm not really going 'I've got to make a trade,'" King said. "It could be adding minimum guys. We found Mr. [Andray] Blatche and he was a pleasant surprise. You look at what Chicago did, they got rid of a lot of their pieces, and then they added new pieces and then they stepped in and played well. So there are guys on on other rosters that don't play that may fit here and be productive.

"So it's not just about making trades, maybe it's adding some guys -- because the great thing is that we're in Brooklyn. We're an attractive market."

• Blatche will be an unrestricted free agent. The Nets are limited in how much they can give him. Then again, he's owed $14 million over the next two seasons from the Washington Wizards.

"We have what we have. He's not going to make more money. Hopefully he likes the situation and wants to be here," King said.

• The power forward position was a bit weak. Thoughts on an upgrade?

"I don't know. Maybe it's adding to the bench, or maybe it's Andray Blatche. He played there quite a bit," King said. "The best thing not to do is overreact after Game 7. Now is sit back, talk to coaches first and look at that. I'll sit with my staff and talk organizationally about the roster. We'll start the process."

• King on point guard C.J. Watson, who has a player option for the veteran's minimum, but can become a free agent if he doesn't exercise: "I think C.J. did a good job for us, a really good job. I'm sure I'll have a conversation with [agent] Jeff Schwartz and find out his intentions, and I'll talk to C.J. as well."