Cuban smirks at D-Will again

Over the weekend, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was asked whether he intentionally sabotaged his team’s efforts to sign point guard Deron Williams, who eventually re-upped with the Nets, because he preferred to make a run at free agents available this summer.

“Did you see that episode of ‘Shark Tank’ I filmed that day. It was amazing,” Cuban replied on ESPN Dallas 103.3 FM.

Williams ended up choosing the Nets over the Mavericks, in-part because Cuban never showed up to their free-agent meeting because he was filming “Shark Tank.”

Cuban said back in March he was glad the Mavericks didn’t add Williams because they would’ve lost all their cap flexibility.

“It’s not about signing a maxed-out player,” Cuban said. “It’s about building a championship team. If you just add $75 million to your payroll, you’re stuck, and I didn’t want to be stuck. That’s the position we didn’t want to be in.”

And that’s exactly the position many believe the Nets are in, capped out with little wiggle-room to improve. Still, if the Mavericks come up short in the Chris Paul/Dwight Howard sweepstakes this summer -- and they’ll have a lot of competition for those two players -- it’ll probably feel a lot like when the Nets tried and ultimately failed to add Carmelo Anthony and D12.

Now for some questions:

What do you think of Cuban’s comments? Is his team in a better position because it didn’t sign D-Will? Which roster would you rather have: the Nets or Mavs? Let us know in the comments section.