Notes: Coach Jason Kidd on full display

DURHAM, N.C. -- In only his third day of training camp, Jason Kidd’s coaching was on full display for everyone to see.

NBA TV visited Nets camp at Duke University and aired the team’s practice. Kidd said it wasn’t a distraction to him or his players.

"You don’t pay attention to that stuff," Kidd said. "As a coach I didn’t pay attention to it. I just have to watch my language a little bit. I’m working on it. It was a good practice. Guys are competing."

Paul Pierce didn’t mind the extra attention at practice.

"I thought we were a focused group today," Pierce said. "Regardless of who is in the gym, we got to get our work done. Nobody is posing for pictures or looking into the camera."

Nets improving: Pierce really liked what he saw from his new team in the third day of camp.

"I think we got better today," Pierce said.

By the end of practice, Kidd and assistant Lawrence Frank had the team going through half-court defensive drills. Some players looked fatigued.

"Being a player, I’ve always said this is the hardest [practice]," Kidd said. "You are sore, a little mentally tired. Guys did a great job."

"The fifth practice, the quick turnaround, being a team with wisdom, being able to be tired and accept being tired and pushing through it," he added. "A lot of times when you get tired you just shut down. Being a championship team you have to fight through times of being tired. Guys were supporting each other; the last drill ended on a high note when a lot of times you have a great practice and the last drill can spoil it."

Pool time: Several Nets spent time training and bonding together in the Duke University indoor pool facility on Wednesday night.

Point guard Deron Williams and some other Nets were doing some conditioning in the pool during the second practice on Wednesday. Kidd decided to send the other starters to join Williams.

"A lot of times as a player, you hear people go to the pool and you think it just fun and games," Kidd said. "So they got to see it wasn’t."

"From what I got, the report was everybody was tired leaving the pool instead of being on floaties," he said. "A lot of guys don’t want to have to go back to the pool, but it was a great workout and a great bonding experience."

X’s and O’s: Kidd would not reveal whether or not he has settled on a rotation of players for his first preseason game, which is against the Wizards in Washington on Tuesday.

He also said he has not been using any lineups on the floor without a point guard thus far.