Vegas, ESPN.com agree on Nets

Las Vegas and ESPN.com seem to be on the same page when it comes to the Brooklyn Nets.

The Knicks? Not so much.

Bovada, a Las Vegas sports book, sets the Nets' over/under win total for this season at 52.5. ESPN.com's SCHOENE projection has the Nets winning 50 games and taking the Atlantic Division title from the Knicks.

ESPN.com projects the Nets to finish third in the Eastern Conference, while Bovada has the Nets with the fourth-highest win total in the conference.

Vegas and ESPN.com's projections for the Knicks are vastly different. Bovada's over/under win total for the Knicks is 49.5 -- the fourth-best total in the Eastern Conference. ESPN.com's SCHOENE system projects the Knicks at 37 wins.

The system pegs the Knicks as the seventh-best team in the conference.

For what it's worth, Bovada projected the Knicks at 45.5 wins going into last season. They had the Nets at 44.5 wins.