Prokhorov: 'We're aiming for amazing'

NEW YORK -- Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov says his new catchphase is "We're aiming for amazing."

During an interview with YES Network at halftime of Friday night's home-opener against the Miami Heat, Prokhorov said his five-year championship plan is based on the five-year plan of Russian politician Vladimir Lenin.

"But I hope [ours] will work much better," Prokhorov said.

When he purchased the Nets in 2010, Prokhorov said he wanted to win a championship by 2015, or else he'd get married.

Prokhorov is projected to spend around $190 million on his roster between payroll and luxury taxes this season in hopes of getting that elusive title.

Asked if he's concerned at all with that, Prokhorov responded, "Heck no."

Asked for his reaction when he found out the Nets were acquiring Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in a blockbuster trade with the Boston Celtics this summer, Prokhorov said, "Hell yes!"