Notes: Lopez, Blatche probable vs. Jazz

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Brooklyn Nets big men Brook Lopez (sprained right ankle) and Andray Blatche (sprained left ankle) are both probable for Tuesday night's game against the Utah Jazz.

Neither practiced Monday. Both were hurt in Sunday night's loss to Orlando.

"I think [Brook] felt it was sore today so we'll be on the safer side then getting him off today in practice," Nets coach Jason Kidd said.

"I'm not feeling bad," Blatche said. "I've just got an ankle sprain, pretty sore today. I'm going to come in tonight, get some more treatment on it so I can get prepared for it tomorrow."

• Blatche said veteran Kevin Garnett was upset after Sunday night's loss to the Orlando Magic.

"He was upset, all the way from the bus to the plane, he was really upset, so we just gave him his space so he can cool off," Blatche said. "He said his piece and we all took it in."

• There was a lot of talk about "trust." Just how do you build it?

"Time," Kidd said. "The more time you spend in different scenarios, the better off we'll be. And this is a new group from coaches to players. The more time we spend together, that trust will build because you're going to have mistakes. Trust can be lost very easily but through a tough loss or a big win you gain that trust."

• Point guard Deron Williams is not yet 100 percent, as we broke down in Monday's Starting Five.

"This is like his preseason, his training camp," Kidd said. "So again, I think he's been out there doing a very good job for us with not as much time as everyone else has had on the court."

• Blatche was asked about the whole Miami Dolphins Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin incident.

"Yeah, that's just not right. I feel bad for the kid [Martin]," Blatche said. "I was always taught, when you're on a team you're all brothers. So it's a brotherhood. You never want to treat your brother that type of way. Thank God I've never been in a situation like that with none of my teammates or teams, so I feel bad."

Mirza Teletovic, who made his season debut in garbage time late in Sunday night's loss and went 1-for-6 from the field, appeared to tweet his frustration in Croatian after it was over.

Teletovic's tweet "Mrzim kad lazu" means "I hate liars," according to a Google translation. Speculation from other outlets is that Teletovic was venting about playing time.

The Nets did not make Teletovic available to the media Monday.