There's no bursting Terry's bubble

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- The Brooklyn Nets have lost 11 of their last 14 games, but injured guard Jason Terry remains optimistic about their prospects going forward.

“We’re going to be a great team -- not a good team -- a great team,” Terry said Wednesday. “And we just got to get healthy, number one, but we just got to continue to fight. Too many times, even when we did have our guys, when a team made a run on us or something, we've dropped our head and felt sorry for ourselves. Even at home, the fans start to boo, we feel sorry for ourselves. No, it’s just basketball.

Jason Terry

Jason Terry

#31 SG
Brooklyn Nets

2014 STATS

  • GM11
  • PPG5.3

  • RPG1.2

  • APG1.5

  • FG%.389

  • FT%.800

“Go out here like the kid you were when you were 15, have fun, enjoy it and enjoy whooping somebody’s a--. That’s what it’s gonna take. On Thursday, what better game to do it in than that one.”

The Nets have lost 41 games to injuries split among six players. (Andrei Kirilenko: 14; Deron Williams: 9; Brook Lopez: 7; Terry: 7; Paul Pierce: 3; Kevin Garnett: 1)

“When you have this many injuries -- now I haven’t seen anything like it and I've experienced some of this last year with Boston, toward the end of the season, and at that point of time we suffered the type of lull in energy,” Terry said.

“You just don’t have strength in numbers. Guys are logging heavier minutes, so it’s tough. But nobody said it was gonna be easy and we understand that and that’s why I remain optimistic. I mean, if it gets any worse than this, who the f--- knows, I don’t know. We got four guys at practice today. I've never seen anything like it, so it can only get better and I just want to tell all our fans out there: Continue to come and support us, we need you now more than ever.”

Terry (bruised left knee) will be re-evaluated Monday.

“I've definitely been getting stronger,” he said. "Very optimistic that the process is coming along. I’ll be re-evaluated Monday. Hopefully I can get back out there with my teammates. Don’t know exactly what date, but hopefully sooner than later.”

Asked about how he suffered the injury, Terry said, “Well I’m coming off of surgery. This is not a new injury. This is something that I've had to deal with. And you knew it was going to be a process. I tried to come back earlier than what I thought, wasn't ready, but that’s just me. I’m a competitor, I don’t like to sit out. So now I've had to get stronger and hopefully this time it will be the last time.”