Starting Five: Biiiiig game in Brooklyn

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Thursday night is a big game.

Just not in the sense many Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks fans thought going into the season.

Both teams need this win.

They’re both a mess. Who would’ve expected that? The Nets have lost 11 of 14. The Knicks have lost nine in a row.

Standings-wise, things are fine. They both play in perhaps what will be the worst division ever in terms of winning percentage.

But still. A win over a “hated” city rival would be big. A loss would be bad. Very bad.

Good luck to the coach -- Jason Kidd or Mike Woodson -- that loses this one. Who knows what the ramifications might be.

And the juice is pretty much gone. Tyson Chandler, Paul Pierce, Andrei Kirilenko and Jason Terry are all out. Deron Williams is doubtful.

At least we have Kevin Garnett versus Carmelo Anthony. Perhaps that will be captivating. And, of course, the fan bases.

That’s pretty much it.

Question: How big do you think this game is?

In case you missed it: Kidd figures he’ll be fine without Lawrence Frank.

Jason Terry is optimistic about the Nets going forward.

Kidd doesn’t think there’s going to be “heat” in the rivalry Thursday night.

Stat of the day: Kidd went 23-4 against the Knicks as a Net.

Up next: Nets vs. Knicks. Thursday night. Barclays Center.