KG 'open to all methods' to stay healthy

NEW YORK -- The Brooklyn Nets have tried to conserve Kevin Garnett's minutes this season.

Does his 37-year-old body feel better as a result?

"Absolutely not. Nineteen years, Doc, sometimes it feels like I've played 50 years here, know what I'm saying?" Garnett said. "I understand what Wilt [Chamberlain] and all those guys went through, guys who have played 15, 16 years.

"As your body gets up there in age, I have different methods, and those methods are working so far. If you have more methods you would like to add to the list then I'm open -- I'm open to all methods. The minutes, with Jason [Kidd] -- he's been great with just helping me, just trying to get me through all this. It's not easy, but like I told the squad when I first got here I'll give you everything I've got, and that's what I've been doing."

Garnett is averaging a career-low 21.9 minutes per game. Nets coach Jason Kidd has decided to rest him some games to keep him fresh. In his last four games, Garnett is shooting 72 percent.

• Garnett said he hasn't spoken with Paul Pierce about Sunday's return to Boston just yet.

"We haven't, actually. We watched when Doc [Rivers] went back and thought it was special," Garnett said. "We've been there other players have come back -- Perk [Kendrick Perkins], [Big] Baby [Glen Davis]. Some of the other players have come back and they've shown their gratitude. But we haven't talked about it. We have Dallas [Friday] and that's the focus right now."

• Garnett made his emotional return to Minnesota Feb. 8, 2008, though he did not play because of an abdominal strain.

"What's crazy is that going back to Minnesota, I was going through some ailments of my own when I went back. I didn't know the kind of response [I would receive]. I was filled with a lot of anger. I didn't like the way I left Minnesota," Garnett said.

"It was up until I had a personal conversation with Kevin McHale that I started to release some of that -- those flaws and some of those bad times. I started to focus on the positives. I'm a normal positive person. I don't like to dwell on negativity. It was [after that] that I started to let some of that go. The people in 'Sota have always been great to me. I've always had a special place in my heart [for them], Boston as well. The fans and people there have always been good to me, my family and my friends. It's a special place in my heart that I'll always hold for life."

• Garnett's jump shot has been going in in January after he was misfiring a lot with it earlier in the season.

"We're not talking about the jump shot," Garnett said, perhaps superstitiously.