Offseason breakdown: Mikhail Prokhorov

This is the 15th and final installment of our daily Nets player-by-player breakdown, with an emphasis on what’s to come for next season.


Year in review: Prokhorov wasn’t seen or heard from very much this season, attending only a handful of games. He did spent a ton of money -- over $190 million including an NBA-record in luxury taxes -- but his roster failed to win him the championship he so desperately covets. Prokhorov’s decision to stay patient with first-year coach Jason Kidd did pay dividends.

He also had several things going on away from the court, from his business ventures to the uneasiness of the relations between the United States and Russia. Prokhorov recently announced his intentions to move the company that runs to the Nets to his native land, though the NBA said it had not received an application from the team to make the change.

Role moving forward: As long as he continues to spend -- and there’s no reason to believe he won’t -- Prokhorov will continue to be beloved by Nets’ fans. It’ll be interesting to see how the relations between the U.S. and Russia affect Prokhorov moving forward.

Contract status: Prokhorov owns 80 percent of the team and 45 percent of Barclays Center. He paid $223 million for this in May of 2010.

What they’re saying: “I'd like to thank Nets management and players for all their efforts over the course of this crazy season. Despite roster changes, injuries and a difficult start, you clawed us back into contention. It made for a thrilling spring. And to the fans, thank you for your support through thick and thin. Next season, we pick up right where we left off!” -- Prokhorov’s statement at the end of the season.

Should they bring him back: When Prokhorov became owner, his goal was to win a championship by 2015. Otherwise, he’d get married. Well, at this rate, he’d better start looking hard for a wife. Prokhorov’s investment in the Nets from a business perspective has been a fantastic one. They are certainly worth way more than he paid for them.