Lionel Hollins looked for staff with best 'fit'

Brooklyn Nets coach Lionel Hollins addressed several topics Friday. Here are some the leftovers:

• On how he assembled his coaching staff: “I wanted guys that had good teaching ability, that could work together, that could work with me, and that’s basically what went into it. Who’s gonna fit best with what we’re trying to do as a team and what I want to do. I’m very fortunate to get the guys I’ve gotten. They were available and willing to come.”

• On whether he can utilize Brook Lopez like Marc Gasol: “I’m gonna utilize Brook in a way that fits Brook. Like I said, he’s a very talented kid, skilled kid, and he’ll be a very talented piece of what we’re trying to do offensively, but I want him to be a big part of what we’re trying to do defensively as well.”

• On Kevin Garnett, who Hollins still has not spoken to yet: “He’s such a heckuva competitor. He’s very focused and intense, and you like that about a player that brings it every night, and you know what you’re going to get from that player. That’s huge. Just his level of competitiveness and his willingness to do whatever it takes to win.”

• On Mason Plumlee getting the opportunity to participate in the World Cup with Team USA: “I think Mason’s had a wonderful camp, and I’m excited for him and I’m happy for him that he’s made Team USA, and it’s a good experience for him and hopefully he’ll be able to catapult that into an opportunity this season.”

• On Bojan Bogdanovic: “I think he’s got great size, he’s also got great speed and quickness. He can shoot the ball, but also put the ball on the floor. He can post up. I’m looking for players. Players that have multiple skills and are not just one-dimensional.”

• On his excitement coaching the Nets: “I’m excited to coach this team because of their potential and possibilities. As I tell people all the time, everybody has potential and there’s a lot of possibilities in our lives, you gotta make them realities.”

• On Paul Pierce’s departure via free agency: “Players retire, players get traded, players leave in free agency. You take what you have and you work with them.”

• On how he balances proven players with young players when picking his starting lineup: “It’ll be a little bit of both. There’s guys that have earned it in this league and somebody has to unseat them to take their job. But there’s also guys that are doing good things and have to be on the court. But my starting lineup is not my most pressing concern. It’s just trying to get our group playing the way we want them to play. Who starts will develop from practice, preseason and then the coaching staff’s decision on how we best fit.”