KG's top three trash talkers has one surprise

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- When it comes to trash-talking, Kevin Garnett has a reputation for being one of the best.

So when Garnett lists the top smack talkers he has encountered, you listen and take note. KG was asked who are his top talkers.

"Gary Payton and Michael Jordan, by far," Garnett said.

OK, no surprise there as you can see those two talking to each other here. "The Glove" might as well have also been "The Mouth." And MJ could light up defenders and their ears as well.

But then Garnett offered up a third trash-talker -– one you might not have suspected.

"And, believe it or not," Garnett said, "Hakeem Olajuwon."

"The Dream" talking smack?

"Yeah, man," Garnett replied. "And he played with a mouthpiece."

And you could still understand him?

"I definitely could hear it, articulate it, understand it, comprehend it," Garnett said. "Yeah. Hell yeah."

"He was a nightmare some nights, man," Garnett later added.

Something tells us David Robinson probably agrees with KG.

"Look," Garnett said when asked to elaborate on his choices. "Jordan was a great trash-talker. All three. I thought Gary Payton controlled the game with his trash-talking because he talked to the refs, talks to the fans.

"He was similar to Charles Barkley, but under control a little more," Garnett added. "I don't think, not as public. I don't think -- you know, Charles was a little [forward] at times, and [it] kind of carried him off the floor. Thought GP did a great job of just controlling the game with his trash-talking."

And what about KG's own trash-talking skills?

"Me?" Garnett asked. "You just hear stories about me talking trash. You never have living [proof] that I talk trash."