D-Will goes west; Plumlee dunks

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. –- Deron Williams made the trip with the Nets out west but has been ruled out of Wednesday’s game at Sacramento.

The Nets point guard will miss his seventh straight game with fractured rib cartilage.

However, Williams did some running on a treadmill and looked good shooting and dribbling after practice Tuesday. The team plans to give a medical update Wednesday on Williams.

Deron Williams

Deron Williams

#8 PG
Brooklyn Nets

2015 STATS

  • GM32
  • PPG13.9

  • RPG3.0

  • APG6.3

  • FG%.396

  • FT%.862

After Wednesday’s game at Sacramento, the Nets play at the Clippers on Thursday before finishing the trip in Utah on Saturday.

“He knows we all want him back, he knows we need him,” said Mason Plumlee. “He is doing everything, like he is in here doing treatment and doing everything he can to get into shape.”

Plumlee practices dunking: On Monday, some writers caught a glimpse of Plumlee jumping over the 7-foot Jerome Jordan and dunking in practice.

Could Plumlee have been practicing for a certain dunk contest that will be in Brooklyn next month?

“No, not for the dunk contest,” Plumlee said. “I was just having fun.”

Plumlee said Jordan insisted he couldn’t dunk over him. Plumlee then made a deal with Jordan that if he can dunk over one of the Nets’ tallest basketball support staffers, then Jordan should let him try to dunk over the him too.

Mason Plumlee

Mason Plumlee

#1 C
Brooklyn Nets

2015 STATS

  • GM41
  • PPG10.4

  • RPG7.0

  • APG0.9

  • FG%.582

  • FT%.505

“‘Tiny’ -- the guy that helps us out -- I said if I dunk over ‘Tiny,’ [then] you got to let me dunk over you,” Plumlee said of what he told Jordan.

And how tall might a guy nicknamed “Tiny” be?

“Probably about 6-7,” Plumlee said.

It certainly would be a blast for Plumlee if he were to draw an invite to the All-Star Weekend dunk contest at Barclays and represent the Nets.

Plumlee has participated in a dunk contest before, in high school. In fact, check out his dunk at the end of this video.

“It’s different,” Plumlee said of dunking in a game versus in a contest. “The dunk contest ... I did that in high school. It’s completely different, it’s about creativity, showmanship, so many different aspects, you are playing to the crowd, to the judges. It’s not about just getting two points.”

Lionel critique: Of course, coach Lionel Hollins wants to see Plumlee work on more than just dunking. When asked what he wants to see Plumlee improve in, Hollins said there’s plenty.

“Let me qualify that because he has helped us win,” Hollins said. “But he has a lot of flaws left. And you can talk about what are they -- but everything. He’s done a better job of staying in his lane and playing to his strengths. You don’t see him out on the perimeter anymore. You see him around the basket.

“He’s getting rebounds, which early on he never got any rebounds, so all those things are things that he’s made a conscious decision to try and be better at. And as we go forward it’s just improving your skill level, improving your understanding, and being smarter.”