Relationship between Jarrett Jack, Stephen Curry deeper than basketball

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Stephen Curry's praise of Jarrett Jack at his MVP acceptance speech in May caught Jack by surprise.

Asked which leader he learned the most from, Curry responded, “Jarrett Jack had a big influence on me here [in Golden State].”

The two were teammates with the Warriors in 2012-13.

“Our relationship is much deeper than basketball. Most of the discussions we have, the topic isn’t even about basketball -- it’s about other stuff, life stuff,” Jack said Saturday.

The Nets will face the Warriors on Sunday night at Barclays Center.

“I look at Steph like a little brother, but he’s somebody that I look up to and try to be like in a lot of ways,” Jack continued. “What he said at his MVP speech -- to take time out to acknowledge me during a moment where he deserved all of the [recognition] -- it was amazing. It was very, very humbling. I didn’t even know about it until somebody told me because I think we had practice or a game or something.

“I was really, really taken aback. And I never really told him how it made me feel, but I’m sure we’ll have a moment to sit down and talk about that -- and I’d ask him, ‘Why me?’ He has an amazing example in [his father] Dell Curry every day that I’m sure he thanked in the speech as well. But he’s had a number of guys he’s played with that were worthy of the recognition that he gave me, but I was definitely flattered and appreciative.”

Jack, who is coming off a disappointing five-point, one-assist performance against the New York Knicks on Friday night, has always had success facing Curry and his former team. Last season he went 10-for-10 from the field against the Warriors on Nov. 13 at Oracle Arena. Then, on March 2 in Brooklyn, he beat Golden State by draining a tiebreaking jumper with just 1.1 seconds remaining.

This season, Jack had 28 points and nine assists in the Nets’ near victory over the unbeaten Warriors on Nov. 14.

“I have no clue, to be honest,” Jack said when asked about his big outings against Golden State. “I just try to get to my spots on the floor. It’s not like I know what they’re going to do, so I can do the exact opposite. It just pans out that I’m able to have pretty good games against them. I’ve always shot the ball really, really well in Oracle. But I’m just being aggressive early on, and shots just seem to fall [with me] being in rhythm. It’s just some teams you have success against for whatever reason, and Golden State has been one of them for me. I had my first and only triple-double against them, too, which is kind of cool.”

Curry has quickly ascended into being one of the best players in the entire league, and Jack is proud of him.

“If anybody deserves everything that’s coming his way, it’s him,” Jack said. “Getting to know him on a day-by-day basis, he’s just a super special kid.