D-Will on JJ: This isn't working (wink, wink)

Funny moment Wednesday: Deron Williams was asked how he has been jelling with new backcourt mate Joe Johnson.

"I just don't think we're gonna be able to play together," Williams joked to reporters. "I don't think it's gonna work, man. I think one of us is gonna have to go.

"Joe's gotta go."

Williams then yelled to Johnson, who was doing another interview, "Hey Joe!!! This ain't working out, man."

The Nets, of course, believe their newly formed tandem is going to work just fine.

One of the many reasons why is because Johnson has played point guard a lot. And two big point guards who can score and pass are better than one.

"Deron was joking with me yesterday, saying he never got any spot-up looks last year," Johnson said. "He didn't have anybody else to penetrate and make a play for him, so I promised him I'd get him a couple of those a game."

Nets coach Avery Johnson cautioned, though, that overpassing could become a problem, and that both players need to take shots when they're there.

"I think it's been going good," Joe Johnson said. "Obviously, we still have a lot of room left for improvement, but so far so good."

• Avery Johnson says having camera crews following his team around for "The Association" hasn't been a distraction at all.

Johnson isn't concerned about what footage is aired because the team has final say over the product.

The Nets coach doesn't feel like it's a "reality show" because there isn't any "drama."

He says he wouldn't have allowed the show to be about the Nets if it was more like "Hard Knocks."

"They do a good job of giving us our space," Williams said. "It's not like we have to re-enact things like the Kardashian show. 'We didn't get that, let's run that play over again.'"