Hollinger: Nets will make playoffs

ESPN Insider contributor John Hollinger projects that the Nets will finish 47-35, good for second in the Atlantic Division and fourth in the Eastern Conference.

Writes Hollinger:

The names are nice, but will they guard anybody? The Nets lazed through the season defensively last season, and the frontcourt in particular contains some huge question marks -- the Lopez-Humphries combo isn't exactly an imposing one, especially when it comes to help defense, and not much backs them up. The best of the bunch, [Mirza] Teletovic, is an offensive weapon but one who will struggle on D.

One can optimistically hope that Deron Williams will play harder now that his team has a chance, and certainly the wings have been upgraded with [Joe] Johnson and [Gerald] Wallace. Nonetheless, between the soft frontcourt, lack of depth and Avery Johnson's questionable track record in getting his troops to commit at this end, there's a lot reason for doubt.

What isn't in doubt is that this team will score. ... If the Nets get consistent stops and stay healthy, they could be very, very good.

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