Kris Humphries: No MSG, please

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- “Billion equals better.”

So says Brooklyn Nets power forward Kris Humphries, who prefers the $1 billion Barclays Center to the recently renovated Madison Square Garden, home of the rival New York Knicks.

“I don’t think you can really compare the arenas. This is on another level. Barclays is better than MSG,” Humphries told Michelle Steele.

“... I don’t need to explain it. It’s better. Boom. ... Billion equals better.”

Perhaps Humphries dislikes MSG because the entire arena booed him last season, prompting Jeremy Lin to call their treatment of Humphries “crap.”

“‘He’s a really nice guy,’ Humphries said of Lin last season. “He just said, ‘Hey, I don’t know why they boo you, but I think it’s crap. You are playing really well, and stuff.’ That was nice of him to say. He’s a really nice guy, competitor. It’s nice to see great things happen for nice people.’”